Backsplash Trends

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The funnest part about my job is seeing all of the newest, latest and greatest materials coming into fashion for kitchens and baths.  Going to the trade shows is invigorating and inspiring.  I often see materials and try to catalogue their information so that I can call upon them when I have a job that fits in with their styling.

Here are some of the cool things I've seen recently:

How cool is this??  These are coconut shells netted together in a herringbone pattern.  Very cool.  There are many different versions to this, but all create a very unique and interesting look.

Metal mosaic backsplash.  I love this look.  These "tiles" are actually bowed, creating a little more depth, which, while beautiful, makes me a little worried about cleaning the splatter behind the cooktop!


 One of my favorites!  Mini Glass subway tiles.  The iridescence of each tile reflects the light and adds to its beauty.


Very linear by design, this backsplash stretches the eye visually across the length of the run making the space feel wider, but the color pattern is so subtle that it's almost imperceptibly doing so.


This is a very 'current' color palette.  Beautiful warm grey tones.  The backsplash is again, subtle and collaborative with the rest of the design.


 A classic for many years, the standard white subway tile seems to have lasting power, while maintaining a bright airy, and clean feeling.


Fun, shiny bright tiles reflect the light and adds to the drama of the space, yet the absence of a bright or contrasting color keeps the feeling less jarring....although I don't think I would have picked that light fixture (or that table for that matter)  I would have gone for a sleeker look with maybe a glass top-table and polished nickel light fixture.

Here's your classic subway tile, but with a twist!  The installation of these tiles create a more dramatic herringbone pattern, but again, the absence of color makes the impact more subtle.

Some folks still like to create a center piece behind the range.  This is a picturesque design created over several tiles and framed with ceramic molding.

This is a beautiful look.  I love the natural look of the stacked river rocks....but again I fear how I would keep it clean with all of those crevices.  

Okay, I'm not sure what happened here.  Was this intentional???  Or did they just run out of tile?

this, I believe, is stamped tin.  it's very pretty.  I've seen this material before and it adds a lot of interest (and light by way of reflection) to the space.  Adding the reflective quality to the backsplash can go a long way in an otherwise dark kitchen...

Here, the pencil-thin horizontal tiles in a neutral palette add to the softness of the room, yet increase the visual width of the space.

I love the look of this.  Very clean.  Using solid sheets of glass means no grout joints to clean and simple glass cleaner to maintain.  

Here's another with a pattern:  

...and just for fun, here's one you may not have thought of:  LEGOS!!  ; )