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A new trend I've seen a lot lately is the sliding barn door for interior applications, and I love it.  Given you have the wall space for the door to glide upon, this creates a prettier focal point on the wall and eliminates the footprint of the door swing in the room.

...and when it's used in a kitchen I think it can add a lot to the space.  

I've seen it used in contemporary installations, such as this:

How cool is that tinted glass that it changes the color of the moldings when it's in front of them!!

...but I've also seen it used in more transitional and traditional applications...

LOVE that pop of yellow with the grey!!

                                                    Here the doors conceal the pantry in the kitchen.

And, if you can afford the wall space, barn doors can be used very cleverly to conceal storage.  How about this one?  they simple created shallow shelves within the studs and used the barn door to hide it!  They also placed cornice molding over the hardware for a more traditional look:

Here's another favorite.  ..and the paint colors are very current which helps a traditional look feel more transitional.

Another version of the barn door pantry is this one, complete with roll-outs and countertop storage for the microwave:

One of the best things about this trend is that there aren't a lot of parts so it's very reliable...but proper installation is key to ensuring that things are done correctly and you get years of enjoyment out of it.

Barn doors can also create a transition from one room to another. ..and when closed off, opening them to the next room adds a sense of what's to come, and a little drama, too:

Whatever your style, Barn doors can add a break from the color of the cabinetry in the kitchen and add a touch of interest while providing the flexibility of concealing what's behind them!

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