Everything...INCLUDING the kitchen sink!

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There is no other room in the house with more decisions and selections to be made than the kitchen....and with each item needed there is a plethora of items from which to choose.....and the sink is just one of those item!  Undermount?  Drop in?  Apron Front?  Single Bowl?  Double Bowl?  Equal size double bowls?  (and we haven't even asked about color/style preferences yet!!)

Yes, it's a bit overwhelming.  ...and each project is different, but here are a few opinions about kitchen sinks.

The hot new trend now is for a stainless steel apron front sink, which I think can be really appealing.

This one is great looking, but it may feel a little too slick for your taste...

Here's a stainless steel unit in a more traditional style kitchen, and I think it fits right in...the only thing I don't care for in this installation is the fact that it was not placed below the height of the countertop, and here's why:  I like to clean my kitchen counters and swipe the crumbs directly into the sink...that's the beauty of all undermount installations!  ...but here I would need to scoop the dirties into my hand (yuck) and then toss them into the sink (that is if they don't fall on the floor as I scoop them up!)  ...and this one is not only exposed it's above the height of the countertop!

Here's a large sink that has a lot going on:

The sink has a ledge near the top.  Accessories are available to rest upon this ledge to make it more useful, such as a cutting board and colander.  ....and having such a wide sink like this makes it almost a necessity to have to faucets as shown here, especially if there are two cooks in the kitchen!

...often clients say that they want a double-bowl undermount...

My only concern for clients is to think about what tasks will be done in each.  The ideology is that the smaller bowl will be for prep; the larger for clean-up.  ...so make sure that if this is the case, the larger bowl is on the same side as the dishwasher; the smaller bowl is closer to the cooktop.  ...now where to put the disposal!  Often designers place the unit in the smaller bowl as they scraps of prepped food are in there....but what happens when someone brings their dirty plate to the sink and places it in the larger bowl and their leftovers fall off?  Someone will have to pick them up and move them to the smaller bowl to dispose of them!  (again, Yuck!)  

IF at all possible, I try to encourage clients to consider two disposals.  If not, I'm really more inclined to place a colander in the small bowl to catch the scraps and put the disposal on the big bowl side.  ....but no matter which way you do it; there's no wrong answer; just be sure to consider the ramifications of your choice.

(me?  I prefer ONE BIG BOWL.  Large enough to soak my largest pan, and undermount so make for easy clean up.

...then there are interesting and unique applications for sinks:

How about this in the corner:

...or this in your island:

Despite the fact that it has cost you any real usable space on your island, it sure is fun!

Here's a cool one:

Talk about a multi-tasker!! This one's got it all!! Knive block, soap dispenser, faucet, only thing I don't care for is that I can't mount it under the countertop.  

....and if you really want the sink that's got it all, check out this sink/island from KWC:

this is the end-all be-all in kitchen sinks!  The faucet and swivel 360 degrees to use from any side; the cutting boards and colanders can glide along the top rim of the unit, and the waste bins and storage are all below!

Like I said, it's overwhelming how many choices there are today...but that's the importance of working with a designer that can sort through all the options and help  you find what works best for you!