Inside my little Spooky World

Posted by Glenwood Custom Cabinetry Glenwood Custom Cabinetry
This is truly my favorite time of the year.  I love when the air gets crisp at night and I get to pull out all my cozy sweaters from hiding.  (My pumpkin-colored cashmere hoodie is one of my favorites!!)

I love the sound of the leaves rustling about as I walk through them, clearing a path as I go.

...and the colors!  For a kid who always said she wanted to be a professional "colorer" when she grew up, the spectrum of colors that surround us in New England this time of year are absolute heaven to me!

And while it's so sad to be on dry land instead of in the Ocean (my first love) for the next EIGHT MONTHS, the Fall marks the beginning of all the indoor activities I like to do:  Canning, Baking, and Nesting!!

As we near the end of October, it's also time for some serious Halloween D├ęcor.  First, I made a wreath for the back door:

and gave my attention to the front door:

I think it gives the right hint of what's to come....

Next is the Living Room, which has a warm fireplace. much as I could have gone a little more to the dark side, I liked this because, once Halloween is over, I can sub out the Jack O'Lanterns for various pumpkins and gourds and move straight on to Thanksgiving!

Enter:  The Kitchen.  Where all the action takes place REGARDLESS of where you had planned for everyone to hang out.

Of course we'll offer our guest something to eat     and maybe a drink or two  

but decorating the room is what really sets the tone for the gathering

...and I think this sign warns guests to be appreciative!  

All that's left is to sit and eat!!  

Here's wishing you more treats than tricks this Halloween!!