It's all in how you look at it

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“There are no facts, only interpretations.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

I've always seen the world a little differently.  I'm very interested in colors and shapes and how the two co-mingle.  And I have felt I have a kinship with dyslexia because I, too, see things backwards sometimes.  But that's not always a bad thing.  

It took me a while to figure out what this bright child had done...but that was only because I wasn't thinking like him/her.  HOW CLEVER of this kid to truly follow the directions explicitly!!   Just another example of seeing something from a different perspective.

It's important, in my life, but also in my role as a designer to be able to view things through another's eyes.  Sometime I think it's easy to make the leap from what we think someone wants to what we want for them....but the two aren't always aligned.

....and taste is honestly a matter of opinion.  Not everyone likes the same things I do....wouldn't it be a little boring if they did??

As a designer often it's our job to find the beauty in what's being presented.

Listening to clients is very important, granted, but understanding what they're saying is key.  Like an investigator, one needs to ask the right questions to garner the meaning of what's being said.  

I like to ask lots of questions.  I like to visit their home and understand their surroundings.  This can give a sense of their style, and color palette.  It's just as important to understand what isn't working for them as what is.  Ask about what bothers them most.  Investigate.  How many kids?  What are their ages?  What are their roles in the kitchen?  Ask about entertaining vs. every night events.  Ask about what other tasks transpire in the space.  (crafts, homework, etc.)  See if they can provide you with a variety of images (on-line or in magazines) of things they're attracted to....they may not see it, but you might see a trend common to all of them.

The inspirations for my designs come directly from the clients themselves.  I have never felt the need to leave a "signature" in the design; the sign of a good design for me is when the homeowner says, "It's so ME"

Here's a great example of looking at something from different amazing is this? I just love that the designer had the ability to 'see' more than just one perspective of it...and brought it to fruition!

Not everyone has the same taste as me, and, quite honestly, being in this industry is quite difficult because your taste changes every day....what once used to be beautiful to me is now too much for me.

....and while I love contemporary design

I think my taste has morphed to a more eclectic style:

   ...this beautiful design is by Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects...

....but the reality is:  it's not MY kitchen, and while I love when my style aligns with my client's; it's not necessary.  What is required is that I hear what they're trying to convey and develop a plan that reflects their perspective!