Moving Right Along....

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Okay, Thanksgiving is over, and it's time to move on to the next holiday!  While the carcass from the bird was simmering in a stock pot for the turkey soup, I began to haul up the decorations for Christmas.  First came a few large pre-lit trees to flank the front door.  Once lit, I think it helps me get into the spirit a little more.  (Yes, I'm quite a "Grinch" about Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving.  I really hate how rushed it all feels these days....won't listen to Holiday songs, or look at the Winter decorations at the stores (up WAY too soon in my opinion!)until December... and typically it's so mild right now that it's hard for me to even consider it to be winter.  Thankfully, it did snow a bit last week, so that definitely helped!

So, I thought I would share with you some clever ideas for turning ordinary items in your home (mainly your kitchen) into decorations for the season.  Here are a few of my favorites; hopefully they will help you get in the spirit as well!!

I love this one.  So simple, but a bright burst of holiday cheer!

Turn some unused pitchers into mini topiaries.  I think they'd be great with fresh Rosemary, too, so I could use them for cooking...

These are actually napkin rings with bows hung from the knobs on the upper cabinets.

Have a hutch?  or open shelves?  This would work perfectly.  I love the linens hung behind the glass doors to provide a backdrop for the wreath.

Here's a cute look to dress up the kitchen sink window.

A candle converts an old inverted bundt pan into a classic holiday look.

Clever use of pretty cupcake bakeware here...

...and even the smallest of packaging can have a big impact!  I think I have some of these trees downstairs in my son's train set...

Whatever you have at home can be the perfect vehicle to start your holiday motor running!

Happy Holidays!