Spine-chilling Kitchens!

Posted by Glenwood Custom Cabinetry Glenwood Custom Cabinetry
Since Halloween is just around the corner, I thought I'd write about what scares me the most:  Shocking Kitchens!  (I know; shivers down my spine and everything!)  ....well, maybe not for you, but it has that effect on me.
....and there are many types that scare me...there are the ones that are too cluttered:
    Where do I begin?  I stress just looking at this.
 Clearly they like their crafts, but I'm not quite sure where they find the room to do them...  
  Sadly it looks as though the liquor bottles are empty...I'd be drinking too if I had to clean that up!

Then there are kitchens that are just dated:  
 I'm sure it was meant to feel sunny, but all it feels like to me is sad....note the Avocado Green range...thank goodness that trend has passed.
  While it is all coordinated, it's definitely passed its prime; I feel like any moment now Suzanne Pleshette and Bob Newhart will walk in....    
   This kitchen is actually not the offensive part of this kitchen...Grandma, you hottie!

It can also be creepy when kitchens are designed with poor color choices:  
  We get it; you like fuscia!  
  Is that Crayola's "Mullbury" I see?  
  Clearly someone took a Sharpie to these cabinets; no one PAYS for that look.  

There are also looks that are alarming only as a matter of taste:
  I'm sure the owner of this kitchen thinks it's beautiful...
  I'm sure the owner thinks...No, the owner MUST know this is Ugly!

But the most hair-raising of all in kitchens is bad kitchen design:

  Wait, what?

True, some out there can "plan" and install a kitchen that simply doesn't function properly.  Place the cabinets on one wall and just drag the range and fridge over to the nearest outlet.  (I think Grandma's vitamins will store nicely in the cabinet over the window) 

  Cannibalized yard sale find perhaps??   

  Most don't think about the traffic patterns of their home and how the placement of their cabinetry effects (for good or bad) the functionality of the space and the people within it.  It's important to consider all of the things you and your family do in the kitchen in order to create a kitchen that functions to its highest level.  
So make the scariest thing about your home the Jack O'lantern and leave the kitchen design to a trusted professional!