The importance of accessorizing

Posted by Glenwood Custom Cabinetry Glenwood Custom Cabinetry

As true as it is with any outfit, your kitchen can look dramatically different just by changing out the accessories.  

There are many folks who grow tired of their kitchen, yet there's nothing functionally wrong with it.  It's dated or simply boring.  

People tend to 'refresh' their kitchen by replacing countertops and cabinet knobs and pulls.    

...that's when sometimes changing out the hardware is just what is needed!

Here are some amazing knobs that could often be confused for 'jewelry':

with shimmering crystal in the center, this polished nickel knob refracts the light and draws attention!


either of these would add a bit of whimsy to an otherwise tired laundry room.


Seaside theme in mind for bath?  these would be just the thing!

    how about some seaglass?  These are dreamy!!

...or perhaps you're more nautical:

 ...these are a more subtle nod to that style.

this one is a new take on the standard drawer 'bin pull' that's been around for a while now...and would look great with either a small round nickel or glass knob for the cabinet doors!

's a cute idea for the kitchen drawers.  (they come in spoons and butter knives, too!)

  ...I love these...perhaps not in the kitchen or bathroom, but how cute would they be on a child's dresser??

Here's an example of the hardware completing the look.  I wouldn't use these pulls for the entire room, but I love the statement they make on one furniture piece

this one is gorgeous.  If they don't work on the cabinets, I might just wear them in my ears!!