Upcycling in the Kitchen

Posted by Glenwood Custom Cabinetry Glenwood Custom Cabinetry
I'm always impressed when someone can take a tattered old item and reuse it in a creative way. ...better than recycling, which typically involves reformulating the materials from an item, upcycling involves slight modification in order to come up with an entirely new and useful purpose for that item.

When looking at old kitchen items you might have on hand, there are beautiful, unique ways to incorporate them into your new kitchen!  Here are some wonderful examples:

Great reuse of some standard old hand mixer beaters!!

Here's a clever way to utilize an old bottle....add a pour spout and add some dish soap!

...and just about anything it seems can become a clever pendant:

great use of old silverware:

here's one that pays homage to Andy Warhol:

Grandma's cookie cutters would work well for this one:

...and even broken china can be incorporated into the plan:

Have any old crystal or glass decanters?  Here's a great way to repurpose them:

...and here's a clever reuse of some whisks that would work with even the most contemporary designs:

...even box graters get into the act....I love how the light gets refracted out of the tiny holes of the grater:

Here's another that shows the cool effect of the light refraction:

Even a teapot looks adorable when repurposed as lighting:

Speaking of tea....tea cups are adorable here as they conceal the under-cabinetry lighting:

...but that's not all you can do with teacups:

...and let's not forget those spice jars, here are a few unique ways to elegantly store and showcase your herbs at the same time:

here's another use for the old utensils:

and yet another:  

This one is truly amazing:  reused tin can lids seamed together to create a fabulous (and durable) table top.

There are so many original ideas to use old cast aways, I don't think I'll be putting anything curbside for a while!